Ego cogito, ergo sum

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Ego Cogito…??

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It was in the 17th century or thereof, when the French mathematician and philosopher Rene Descartes had laid the foundation of modern western philosophical thought with just four words; ‘Ego cogito, ergo sum’ which loosely translates into English as: I think, therefore I am. (Though, to set the record straight, Descartes had used five French words instead of three Latin ones mentioned above that gained more prominence than the original, “je pense donc je suis”)

The phrase bequeathed to us by Descartes is both complex and simple at the very same time, capturing within it all that is there. The evidence that we exist is displayed by our faculty to think. The very fact that we can think, is an ample proof that we do exist.

Going further, it is really the thought that matters. At the heart of greatest scientific miracle or achievement, lies the thought. One needs to be able to think of something (be it right or wrong) to be able to create or even destroy it. It is this capacity of thought that distinguishes man from the rest, and a man from a man.

Thought is not limited to man alone, supposedly even the gods (if he/she or they actually exist) think, according to Hindu mythology, Brahma the creator, sculpted the universe with his thought. The world, so as to say, was created by Brahma’s contemplation. Meanwhile, Zeus on Mt. Olympus might also be having rather amorous thoughts on seeing a charming mortal, be it a woman or a man.

Personally, my association with ‘Cogito ergo sum’ goes back a long long time. It was my fascination with Latin and philosophy that introduced me to the phrase and it has stuck with me ever since. I won’t claim that I was able to grasp its complete significance (nor have I done it, as yet). Still, I had a special bond with cogito, because somewhere I believe it is the thought that not only proves our existence but also distinguishes us.

Much like the fingerprints, every man has unique thoughts, if one can say it that way. Each man is shaped by his beliefs; destiny is subservient to thoughts. If you believe in a thing strongly, you can achieve it. Alas, there is no way to profile or standardise thoughts. So, we can’t really use it as a way to distinguish between individuals. Or can we?

I really can’t make a blanket statement, but know one thing for sure; a writer or an author can be distinguished by his or her thoughts with the writings (his articles, features or just about anything) being a window to his mind. From the very lowly to the high and mighty, every writer has a unique way of articulating his thoughts, even though the words used might be fairly common. Every article, every feature has the writer’s DNA in it.

The articles featured on here on are my works through the years. They are a mirror to my soul, a marker of my growth. It would be rather hard to judge me by the articles; as by the time you do, I would have moved ahead. But nonetheless, they give a fair idea of who I am and what I think.

And so, this is the ground that I stand upon and the reason I proclaim Ego cogito, ergo sum; not merely an assertion of my existence, but that of my distinction from the rest.

Written by Shashwat DC

May 15, 2008 at 4:16 am

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  1. Hi Shashwat,

    There is another coincidence – I used to blog at Blogger and its title was “I Think, Therefore I am” !!!


    Take Care


    December 5, 2008 at 7:52 pm

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